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Remedial Teaching

It goes without saying that every student learns at a different pace and they have different learning styles. Some students might require extra attention and care from the teachers. Every student aspires to learn at the same pace as everyone else in the classroom, but normally this is not really the case. There are students who lag behind and it is here that remedial teaching comes into the picture. This practice is there to provide support and assistance to the student so that they do not fall behind and avoid acquiring a “failure” mindset. Before we go further, let us first define the term.

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What is Remedial Teaching?

Students who have difficulty grasping lessons in a classroom are provided with different educational strategies like more or refined practice, clarification, repetition of content, and in some cases, individual attention is given so that the concept gets picked up by the student.

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Remedial teachers deploy requisite teaching activities and strategies to ensure the students perform to their full potential by overcoming any learning barriers. Most of these remedial programs are implemented at junior levels where the foundational education concepts are inculcated to the child.  This is a great way to cater to the students in need.

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