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Remedial Classes

Just how five fingers of the same hand are not the same, similarly, not every child sitting in the class is the same. It’s easy for some students to grasp things easily in one go, while some students might have to read the same thing several times in order to have a clear understanding of that particular concept. Such students need special attention and focus from the teachers to clarify their concepts better.

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The strength of a class may rarely be one and will always have a mix of students- students with quick learning capacity and students with slow learning capacity. Students who have difficulty grasping lessons in a classroom are provided with different educational strategies like more or refined practice, clarification, repetition of content, and in some cases, individual attention is given so that the concept gets picked up by the student.

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Such situations make it difficult for the teachers to match the requirements of all the students in a single class as some students will expect the teacher to move fast, while some might want the teacher to move slow. Remedial classes are introduced for handling such situations. Remedial classes are provided to the students who need special guidance from the teachers. The remedial classes specifically focus on the topics that have already been taught in the class, the same topics are repeated and explained again in the remedial classes for the students who have difficulty in understanding them easily. Remedial classes can be called extra classes or bonus classes and are a good way of helping the students to the fullest by preparing good teaching-learning material for the students. Teachers prefer such classes as they help them maintain a balance and help each student equally without compromising on anyone’s requirements. Remedial classes can involve activity based learning or different remedial teaching strategies to teach the students.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology