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Relieving Letter

A relieving letter is a formal way for the teacher or member of non-teaching staff, to inform the employee that their resignation has been accepted and that they have been relieved from the responsibilities and duties they were bound to follow, subject to the contract of employment signed by them. This letter is required to be submitted to future employers.

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This is important because, when joining a new school or educational institution, the member of staff is asked to submit the relieving letter from the previous organization which acts as written proof that they have left the previous company without any issues. The relieving letter is issued to the member of staff by the management on the last working day or on receiving the request for the issuance of the same. A relieving letter or document should be printed on the letterhead of the company where the member of staff has worked and it has to be signed by the authorized representative, like the HR manager of the company.

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In most states, the relieving letter or service certificate is provided to the employees as soon as the time to leave the organization arises. Hopefully, all queries about this particular topic are cleared. 
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