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Reflective Teaching

Reflective teaching is a methodology where teachers look and think over their teaching practices and then evaluate as to how they taught and what practice they can consider that might improvise or alter it for enhanced learning outcomes.

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In short, reflective teaching is a process of self-observation and self-evaluation leading to self-improvement. It necessitates a conscious attempt to think about events and build up insights into them.

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In a simple manner, the process of reflective teaching follows a cycle which includes:

  • Teaching
  • Self-assessing the result of your teaching on learning by students
  •  Taking into consideration other and better methods of teaching that can improve performance and the learning standards and quality
  • Implementing these ideas into actual practice
  • Repeating the practice again

Undeniably the entire process of reflective teaching acts as a vital source for personal and professional development and improvement as it is a continuous process and never stops.

For example, teachers while taking lessons can keep a notebook for writing down any comments and observations. This can include highlighting teaching assignments that worked well with students and addressing any kind of mistakes or errors by either reworking or omitting it completely.

Teachers can also opt for video recording their teaching or lessons which will help in reflecting on your teaching, besides also reflecting on the body language and classroom management. In all probability, the video recording will help in self-assessing and might show a few things which as a teacher you fail to notice while teaching. This subsequently will help in improving and self-development as a whole.

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