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Reflective Practice

The term ‘reflective practice’ is an approach through which you analyze your own experiences which helps in improvising the way you work or perform. Basically, it is a continuous cycle of self-observation and self-evaluation of your own actions and the reactions they prompt, so as to engage in a process of constant learning, practice, and thereby self-improvement.

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 In its simplest form, reflective practice can be understood as thinking about or reflecting on what you act or do. It is closely correlated to the notion of learning types from experience.

 The simplest way to get started with reflective practice is by adopting the following methodology by asking yourself some of the following questions about the experience you want to reflect on and for using insights and learnings from past actions to gauge:

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·         What you did

·         Where you are now

·         Deciding upon what you would do differently next time to improve present and future

This act of reflection is a great way to enhance confidence and to develop a more proactive approach. Besides, reflective practice has immense benefits as it helps in increasing self-awareness, assisting you to develop cognitive, analytical, and creative thinking skills while also driving you towards active employment in work processes.

It is best if you can adopt reflecting practice methodology on a regular basis as this will help you in developing into the habit and you will be able to learn and improvise yourself.

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