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REET Syllabus

REET Syllabus

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Subject-wise REET Syllabus

REET Syllabus For Level-I 

Section I – Child Development & Pedagogy

  • Growth & Development – Concept, Principles, and Dimensions
  • Factors affecting child development and its relationship with learning
  • Child Thinking & Thought Process
  • Understanding Individual Differences, Personality and Intelligence
  • Understanding children with special needs
  • Learning Theories and its implications
  • Teaching-Learning Process, Assessments, and Evaluation

Read the evaluation methodologies and outcomes. Also, read everything about the hybrid learning.

Section II and III – Language I and II

  • Basic Grammar
  • Unseen Prose Passage and Poem
  • Sentence Structure and Formation
  • Framing Questions
  • Idioms, Tenses, and Synonyms-Antonyms
  • Principles of Teaching the Language and Evaluation Techniques

Section IV – Mathematics

  • Number System and Basic Operations
  • Fractions
  • Unitary Law, Average, Simple Interest, Profit & Loss
  • Plane and Curved Surfaces, Geometry and Measurements
  • Mathematics Pedagogy and Data Management
  • Evaluation, Error Analysis and Diagnostic Teaching

Section V – Environmental Studies

  • Travel and Communication
  • Food, Water and Shelter
  • Clothes and Habitats
  • Things We Make and Do
  • Family and Friends
  • Public Places and Institutions
  • Culture and Civilization
  • Rajasthan GK (recently introduced)

REET Syllabus For Level II

➤ REET Syllabus for Sections I, II and III is the same for Level I and II.

Section IV


  • Average, Profit and Loss, Factors
  • Algebra, Geometry and Mensuration
  • Time, Work, Speed and Distance
  • Percentage, Fractions and Ratio-Proportion
  • Miscellaneous Arithmetic Question
  • Indices, Equations, Probability and Interest
  • Statistics and Graphs


  • Food, Matter and Chemical Substances
  • Force and Motion
  • Light and Sound
  • Moving Things, People and Ideas
  • Solar system
  • The World of Living (Micro-organisms and Living Beings)
  • Reproduction in Animals
  • Human Body, Health and Diseases
  • Science and Technology

Social Studies

  • Indian Civilization, Culture, and Society
  • Indian Constitution and Democracy
  • Government: Composition and Functions
  • Earth, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Rajasthan History, Geography and Economics

➤ Candidates appearing for the Level II exam can choose subjects in Section IV as per their career interest and field of teaching.

Eligibility Certificate

The qualified candidates receive passing or eligibility certificates from BSER. They get eligible to teach across all the primary and secondary schools under the Rajasthan Board as per their merit. The REET certificate is valid for up to three years.

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