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A quiz refers to a fast and information evaluation of the knowledge of students. Teachers often give a quiz within a learning environment to assess how the learners understand a concept. Therefore, it serves as a process to understand students’ insight into the subject matter. In the process, the teachers can detect any possible knowledge gaps.

In general, a quiz tests the knowledge of the students or learners in a class in a short period. The questionnaire usually consists of around ten questions. The format of the quiz may vary. It might include MCQs, fill in the blanks, short answers, and true or false. Compared to traditional exams, they are much shorter.

A quiz is one of the oldest methods to test the academic knowledge of students. Globally, in higher education, educators are using sophisticated technologies, which makes it easier to deploy quizzes. At times, teachers use these strategies to test knowledge in examinations as well. 

Educators sometimes use a quiz to ensure that the learners have successfully retained knowledge from the previous classes. At times, teachers organise pop quizzes. These are more like surprise tests, formulated to ensure that students are well-versed with their study materials. In the process, they get a broader understanding of the materials that the trainers provide.

In virtual classrooms, online quizzes may be taken by teachers. The assessment process of results in such quizzes is comparatively easier than offline quizzes.

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