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Quiz Competition

Quiz competition

What is a quiz? 

The quiz can be described as a type of game where competitors try their best to answer the questions in less time. The quiz is not about random topics, it’s about specific topics. 

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Quiz competition 

Teachers can organize quiz competition to test the knowledge of students apart from studies or about any topic of syllabus. Students who win the quiz competition should be appreciated by the teachers. The quiz can be used to test the knowledge of students, it is like a quick assessment tool. The quiz culture in schools and colleges must be revived to revamp the education system and provide students with a break from regular classroom learning.

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And, by adding innovation to quizzes and assuring active involvement among students, technology can work as a facilitator. Quizzes are now interactive platforms where students participate not to win a prize or become famous but to absorb knowledge, seek opportunities to flourish outside of the classroom, and safeguard their future. Students develop the habit of inventive learning early on since questions are based off-syllabus and demand critical thinking and thorough study. Students must form teams to participate in quizzes, which allows them to practice their collaboration skills. Recruiters have discovered during interviews that Indian students have high theoretical knowledge but lack industrial understanding due to the existing curriculum design. As a result, there is still a significant gap in our students’ market readiness.

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