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Question Bank

what is question bank

A question bank is a collection of questions that may be saved and used again and again. An individual can import question banks to use in your courses’ assessments. Question Banks are commonly used by instructors to construct a library of questions that they can reuse across several examinations.

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In short, the repository of questions about a specific topic is known as the question bank. Question banks also help teachers to guide their students better by conducting regular tests and giving important questions. These days both question banks as well online assessments are available online. Teachers can now directly choose good questions from the online repository of educational resources as well as conduct online tests of their students. There are uncountable benefits of conducting online tests and assessments. Here are a few benefits of conducting online tests-

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Accessible To Both Teachers & Students- Since the online tests are conducted online, students can give exams from wherever they want. Teachers can also distribute different sets of question papers to different students and also keep a track of them. Teachers can also evaluate the papers at their convenience.

Consumes Less Time- Conducting online tests is a time-saving process as the steps are automated. Both teachers and the students can remotely be a part of the online class and hence their travel time can also be saved.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology