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Question Answers

Question Answers

Questions and answers are a set that compliment each other. When a person is curious to know something or know about something, they ask a question. For instance- If a person wants to know the color of the sky they will simply ask “what is the color of the sky” and their curiosity will be shaped into a question.

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To give a response for this question, someone who holds adequate knowledge of the subject will try to share it by saying “the color of the sky is blue” and that would be considered as an answer. This whole conversation can be understood as a question answers series. It is almost impossible for people gain knowledge without asking questions. Teachers should surely encourage their students to ask questions, they should tell their students that no question is stupid.

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Asking questions enhances students’ knowledge. Learning should not be done solely for the goal of passing exams, but rather for a much larger reason. Learning is a continuous process that never ends. If an idea is not grasped in the early stages, it will be significantly more difficult to grasp in the later stages as it becomes more complex.

Thank you and happy learning!

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology