Q&A is a term used to refer to a particular time in a class, seminar, webinar, etc. where the teacher or speaker interacts with the audience directly. It is a means of interaction that has become common in other forms of public events as well such as debates, podcasts, and so on.

Q&A sessions are important because it gives the speaker a chance to interact with the audience directly instead of through a mediator. Such questions will be unfiltered and give the speaker a chance to understand how much of the subject matter the speaker had spoken to the audience was able to understand. 

Q&A is also a section under every forum where people can discuss doubts that they have about certain topics, or in the case of product reviews, a section where people can ask questions about the product and get answers from people who have already used the product and have had a good or bad experience with it. Q&A sessions are always quite useful because it gives the people seeing it an idea about something before actually using or experiencing it personally. 

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