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Good Teacher- Qualities

Who is a good teacher?

A good teacher is someone who can inspire their students and open their eyes. A good teacher understands that education is not just about textbook knowledge and that there is more to it than what is said in the syllabus and curriculum. A good teacher not just teaches, but touch the lives of their students with insights.

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Qualities of A Good Teacher

The qualities of a great teacher include and are not limited to:

  1. Empathy

A great teacher will be compassionate. They understand what their students are going through and act accordingly. Empathy is about being able to put one’s self in the other’s shoes and that is the first thing that an educator needs.

2.Willingness to Learn

A great teacher never stops learning. The education landscape is ever-changing and ever-evolving. It is of paramount importance to stay updated. Learning is a continuous, lifelong process and it is never-ending. Teachers must be open to learn new things and implement them in classrooms and life.

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3.Active Listening

To be a good educator, one has to be a good communicator, and to be a good communicator, one has to be an active listener. Communication works both ways and it is pivotal to listen to your students and cater to their needs. Each kid is different and while it might be next to impossible to give everyone individual attention, some might require remedial teaching and an educator should at least be able to make out who those are.

4.Creativity and Innovation

Students might find the classes boring if the same routine is followed every day. They might find it drab and redundant. In order to curb such issues, it is important to adopt creative methods and strategies in the classroom,. Storytelling, gamification, activities etc. are some creative methods that can be employed in the classroom.

Qualities of A Great Teacher

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