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PRT Mock Test – Practice Questions

PRT is an abbreviation used for Primary Teacher. A PRT educates students at the primary level (from classes 1 to 5). If an individual wish to become a primary teacher, they must have a diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed). D.El.Ed. is a 2-year diploma course with a choice between full-time classroom training and distance learning.

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This two-year diploma course is divided into four semesters and helps learn about the significance of establishing the right foundation for a child’s education. With the help of this course, candidates will be provided with the adequate knowledge and skills needed to help a kid enter the massive world of knowledge through easy baby steps.

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Exam Pattern of PRT Written Examination

The examination can be conducted through either offline or online medium. It is an MCQ-based examination conducted in 150 minutes.

PartComponentsNo. of questionsMarks
1English Language  1010
Hindi Language1010
2Current Affairs1010
Reasoning and Numerical Ability2020
Teaching Methodology2020
Chosen Subject8080

Sample Questions for English Language PRT:

Directions: The idiom is followed by four different interpretations. Select the correct answer:

By fits and starts

(1) irregularly

(2) successfully

(3) incompletely

(4) suddenly

Answer: (1)

Directions: Choose the choice that most accurately expresses the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentence:

His performance in the office is quite superficial.

(1) excellent

(2) shallow

(3) excessive

(4) unnatural

Answer: (4)

Directions: A term is followed by four explanation expressions in the following items. Select the phrase that best describes the word:


(1) a person who defies conventional beliefs

(2) one who is devoid of personal opinions

(3) one who is a firm believer in a particular point of view

(4) a self-assured person

Answer: (3)

Sample Questions for Hindi Language PRT:

‘विद्वान’ का स्त्री-लिंग है:

(1) विद्वत्ता

(2) विदुषी

(3) विद्वत्री

(4) विद्वानी

Answer: (2)

‘सिंह वन में रहता है’ रेखांकित में कारक है:

(1) करण कारक

(2) कर्म कारक

(3) अपादान कारक

(4) अधिकरण कारक

Answer: (4)

 ‘जल्दी चलो’ – रेखांकित अंश में कौन-सा विशेषण है?

(1) परिमाण बोधक विशेषण

(2) अनिश्चय वाचक विशेषण

(3) निश्चय वाचक विशेषण

(4) क्रियाविशेषण

Answer: (4)

Sample Questions for General Knowledge and Current Affairs PRT:

When did India implement the Goods and Service Tax (GST)?

(1) February of 2017

(2) April of t2017

(3) In July of 2017

(4) January of 2017

Answer: (3)

Which of the following states in India is the first to make rooftop rainwater harvesting mandatory for all homes throughout the state?

(1) Punjab

(2) Tamil Nadu

(3) Kerala

(4) Maharashtra

Answer: (2)

Who is the founder of Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank?

(1) Mohammed Yunus

(2) Mohammed Talib

(3) S.R. Hashim

(4) Mahabub-ul-Haq

Answer: (1)

Sample Questions for Reasoning Ability PRT:

A man stands in front of a clock tower. He travels south to a site called ‘P,’ which is 8 kilometers from the clock tower. From ‘P,’ he goes right and travels 6 kilometers to a position called ‘Q.’ From ‘Q,’ he turns right again and travels 10 kilometers to a point called ‘R.’ He turns right from ‘R’ and travels 6 kilometers to a location called ‘S.’ What is his distance and direction from the clock tower?

(1) 2 km South

(2) 2 km North

(3) 18 km South

(4) 4 km South

Answer: (2)

Sahej is a woman, and Inder is a male. Sahej’s mother is Inder’s mother’s sister’s daughter. What is Sahej’s relationship to Inder?

(1) Sister

(2) Niece

(3) Grand-daughter

(4) Daughter

Answer: (2)

Pay close attention to the following words:

hopeful, helpful, healthy, healing heating

Which of these words will come in third place if we put them in dictionary order?

(1) heating

(2) helpful

(3) healthy

(4) healing

Answer: (1)

Sample Questions for Computer Literacy PRT:

The smallest and largest font sizes accessible in MS-Office’s Font Size tool on the formatting toolbar are ______ and ______.

(1) 72 and 8

(2) 12 and 64

(3) 12 and 72

(4) 8 and 64

Answer: (1)

The most common input devices for regular operations on laptops are 

(1) Mouse and Keyboard

(2) CD-ROM and keyboard

(3) Pendrive and Mouse

(4) Screen and Keyboard

Answer: (1)

Which of the following firms is an Indian IT firm?

(1) HCL and Intel

(2) HCL and TCS

(3) TCS and DELL

(4) Wipro and Intel

Answer: (2)

Sample Questions for Pedagogy PRT:

A generalized view or characteristics that ought to be possessed by women and men constitutes:

(1) gender roles

(2) gender identity

(3) gender disparity

(4) gender stereotypes

Answer: (4)

The best technique to deal with a student’s incorrect response is to: 

(1) re-explain the subject matter in depth

(2) to inform the student that your response is incorrect.

(3) enlist the help of another student to provide the correct answer

(4) to clarify and provide another opportunity to respond.

Answer: (1)

Micro Teaching is a technique for: 

(1) teaching a small group of students 

(2) teaching in a controlled environment 

(3) teacher preparation in a specific teaching skill 

(4) teaching complex ideas

Answer: (2)

Upon preparing on time with constant efforts on the practice questions, one can clear the PRT exam with zero difficulties. Hope the article gave you an insight into the type of questions asked in each category. All the best!

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