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PRT- A Complete Guide

What Is PRT?

PRT stands for Primary School Teacher. A primary teacher, sometimes known as an elementary teacher, instructs pupils in grades one through five. The PRT teachers are considered to be the building blocks or strength of the educational system as they teach the basics of education and life to the students. Imagine trying to understand the advanced level concepts and questions of Trigonometry without having clarity of its basics, wouldn’t it be difficult, it would be. The duty and responsibility of a PRT teacher are to help the students in getting their basic clear. The PRT teachers also ensure the good character development of the students. From making them disciplined, hardworking, and punctual, the role of a PRT teacher exceeds mere teaching.

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A PRT aspirant or candidate must have a Diploma in Elementary Education to work as a Primary Teacher. It is also known as D.El.Ed.  is a two-year diploma program that can be completed in a full-time classroom setting or online. This diploma course is usually four semesters long and prepares a candidate to work as a primary school teacher. A Diploma in Elementary Education is offered by a number of government and private institutions around the country. 

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Objectives of PRT?

• To prepare applicants to understand and deal with the variety that exists in their field. Because they will have to address the intellectual needs of young students from various socio-economic origins, religious backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and so on. For instance, in a class, there will be students belonging to different cultures, religions, mindsets, etc. A teacher needs to be prepared to deal with every one of them in a fairway. While the teacher teaches, nobody should feel left out or less important. A good teacher always ensures to understand the emotional needs of their students.

• To enable and empower the candidate to create a high-quality learning environment in his or her classroom. The PRT teachers are taught the basics of teaching. Like how to make their students feel comfortable in the classroom, etc.

• To familiarise the candidate with relevant and proper teaching methods. PRT teachers need to try and test different teaching methods because they get to deal with different types of students. These teachers are first familiarized with good teaching strategies and methods.

• To help applicants build leadership qualities and problem-solving abilities.

• To provide training to potential teachers so that they can pass on the special talents and skills needed to improve their pupils’ knowledge. Knowledge is the most basic requirement of being a teacher, a good teacher is one who knows answers to every question of their students.

• To educate candidates so that they adopt an ethical and impartial approach and contribute to the protection of children’s rights. 

Eligibility Criteria of PRT?

1. Senior Secondary (or equivalent) with at least 50% marks and a 2-year Elementary Education diploma.


Senior Secondary (or equivalent) with at least 50% marks and a 4-year Bachelor of Elementary Education degree (B.El.Ed.) 


Senior Secondary (or equivalent) with at least 50% grades and a 2-year Education Diploma

2. Qualified in the Government of India’s Central Teacher Eligibility Test. The exam is commonly known as CTET and qualifying CTET is one of the basic requirements for being a PRT or Primary School Teacher.

3. Ability to teach in both Hindi and English. Since many students do not understand English, whereas many students do not understand Hindi, it is a teacher’s responsibility to communicate in the most comfortable language with the students. 

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