Last Minute Revision Tips for PRT

Whether it is a board exam or a competitive exam, the last-minute revision makes all the difference no matter how much you prepare. It enables you to gain the confidence that you know what you have studied and possess the capacity to perform well in your exam.

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The same goes for PRT revision. The PRT, held in almost all states in India to appoint a state government teacher, also requires last-minute revision. We have curated the best tips, which will act as a fire extinguisher to the overwhelming feeling of preparing for an exam. But before that, let’s take a look at the PRT syllabus.

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PRT Exam Syllabus

The PRT revision will not be challenging because the syllabus, while competitive, is not extensive. Lesser topics mean more detailed questions, but it also allows you to focus on a particular topic for a longer time. The PRT exam is conducted in two sections. Part 1 includes English and Hindi. Part 2 of the PRT exam includes General Knowledge, Reasoning, Computer Literacy, Pedagogy and one Concerned Subject chosen by the candidate.

Tips For Last Minute PRT Revision

Last-minute PRT revision requires habits and strategies which allow you to be disciplined. Here are the most effective tips for the candidates:

  1. Get up and move as soon as possible

Even if you are not a morning person, getting up early allows you to spend more time revising. Every second doesn’t actually matter on the day before your exam. However, you are sure to feel as if it does by the end of the day, so start early and make the most of it. You should attempt to be productive no later than the time the exam begins the next day, so you know you can handle it.

  1. Seek assistance from those in your immediate vicinity

A problem shared is a problem halved, and individuals around you may be able to assist you, even if it’s just by staying out of your way or occasionally making you cups of tea. This will not work if everyone else is revising as well. If you’re at home with your parents, they may be relieved to learn that you’re working and that everything is under control; they’ll be delighted to stay out of your way.

If you have certain friends who are not revising for exams, especially if they are ahead of you and have gone through it all the previous year, you can consider inviting them to dinner or meeting them in the evening. They’ll understand what you’re going through.

  1. Instead of lengthy notes, review summaries

This final day for the PRT revision should be viewed as a period of consolidation. As a result, it’s a good idea to go over summaries of each topic, such as mind maps or one-page bullet point summaries. If you haven’t previously done so, reviewing the material and double-checking your understanding is a smart idea. Writing essay plans for previous exam questions is also a useful approach to double-check your understanding and ensure that you would have been able to answer problems in previous years. If there is a topic you are particularly unsure about, it may be beneficial to go over it again.

  1. Turn off all electronic devices

For efficient PRT revision, there should be no phone, laptop, or other forms of technology. You don’t require any further distractions. Concentrate on written notes and scribble reminders with a pen and paper if required. If you regularly maintain your lecture notes online, print them out ahead of time and turn off all gadgets to avoid temptation.

  1. Avoid stress

You don’t need to be any more stressed than you already are. It’s, therefore, a good idea to avoid other worried people, which could include your buddies who are also studying. Go to the library, especially if that’s where you’ve been revising, but don’t hang around comparing how anxious you are or how little you know. It’s not going to help. It’s especially important to stay away from anybody who you know is stressed.

  1. Take a longer break if you can

Taking a lengthier break can be a smart choice if you have done thorough revision up to this point. For instance, you could do some exercise by going for a long walk with a friend, playing squash, or swimming. The goal is to completely distract you from your task while simultaneously physically exhausting you so that you can sleep better.

The reason for this is that it allows your brain to process information more quickly. It’s possible to become “hooked” on the last item you read, especially if you’ve been studying diligently. Taking a longer pause allows your brain to focus on other things while quietly organizing your studies in the background. This should make it easier for you to recall it the next day during your exam.

These tips and more habits that you have inculcated over the years will ensure that the stress of the exam does not get to you and will teach you to navigate through the last-minute PRT revision in the most effective manner. Use these tips wisely and give your best in the exam.

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