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How To Get PRT Certificate?

Research shows that there are ample opportunities for well-trained teachers hoping to pursue a career in primary and pre-K education since the growth rate of teachers is as high as 16%. The PRT Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course is a 4-month program that equips aspirants with 21st-century teaching techniques and methodologies for today’s pre and primary learners that will allow them to help children expand their skills that aid in their development.

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A PRT certificate can help you advance your teaching career in the following ways: –

  • The successful candidates will receive a certificate from the globally renowned Asian College of Teachers, enhancing their resumes.
  • Teachers planning a career in the pre and primary grades gain a greater understanding of innovative teaching approaches and the development of children.
  • Students will study topics such as Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, and Approaches to Early Childhood Education in this course.
  • ACT is the authorized center to conduct the Cambridge TKT all over India, allowing candidates to take the prestigious Cambridge TKT exam.
  • Access to online videos & materials to ensure you complete the course smoothly, as well as complete tutor support.

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Information About The Course

A PRT Certificate is specialized training for teachers of the pre-primary level. In the pre-primary sector, there is an ever-increasing need for skilled manpower. This program is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of pre-school education in the current and emerging educational scenario. Candidates from rural areas used to compete with each other to get into this course since it guaranteed employment as a government teacher.

Getting The PRT Certificate

  • After successful completion of the course, the board will award the PRT certificate.
  • In India, ACT is now an authorized center to conduct Cambridge TKT Exams in association with Cambridge University Press.
  • Cambridge TKT Certification is available to candidates after they have successfully completed one or more modules of the TKT Exam.
  • There is no mention of ‘online’ on the certificates.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training (PRT certificate), you will receive a globally recognized certificate. It is an added advantage that the certificates do not mention the word ‘Online.’ Certificates sent within India are free of charge, but candidates living outside India must pay an additional dispatch fee. 

You have to pay the dispatch fee after submitting all assignments and completing the course. The PRT Certificate is then couriered to the shipping address and contact number you provide to us. Certificates arrive at candidates’ addresses after 3 weeks at the most. It is best for every aspirant to get the right information on the PRT certificate; you must check on the updates from the official website. 

The Job Opportunities Offered

Thanks to the increasing popularity of e-learning, the scope for teachers has greatly expanded as well. E-learning has become India’s second-largest market after the United States. Around 9.5 million people are expected to use the service by 2021, resulting in a $1.96 billion market. Consequently, teachers who have completed training in the Pre and Primary Teacher Training field and received PRT certificates will have better prospects in their chosen fields.

Consequently, whether you wish to pursue a traditional career as a classroom teacher or if you prefer to pursue a career as an online educator, you will always have opportunities waiting for you. As the Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher Training (PRT certificate) Course aims at providing teachers with a solid foundation in the methodologies of pre-primary education, it offers several paths for career advancement.

This course will equip candidates with the skills and methods needed to teach children between the ages of 2 and 12 and will prepare them to work as:

  • pre-primary teachers
  • nursery teachers
  • primary teachers
  • preschool teachers
  • pre-primary curriculum developer
  • course coordinator
  • consultant associated with pre and primary schools
  • professionals planning to own a pre-primary school

Anyone with an interest in pre-primary education can benefit from this course, not just pre-primary teachers.


The Pre and Primary Teacher Training (PRT certificate) program is of 60 hours duration, which will help you learn how to support learners in their educational journey. The online mode of the certificate course allows trainees to pursue it from any location around the globe. 

As an educator, you need to be aware of how children learn and be able to design various activities that will help them develop their skills through a supportive environment. Those of you planning to become pre-primary teachers need to acquire a number of skills in order to create a nurturing environment for children to grow and lay a solid foundation for learning in the future.

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