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Benefits Of Being A PRT Teacher

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Teaching has been considered to be one of the noblest of all professions since ancient times. People sent their children to gurukuls during the Vedic era, where the Gurus (teachers) taught all the essential skills and knowledge to their students. While at Gurukul, teachings were delivered to children of commoners and kings without any discrimination. The Guru was so renowned that even the king invited the Guru to sit on their throne when the Guru visited their home.

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To this day, teaching remains the most popular career choice in the job market. A candidate seeking to become a teacher at the pre-nursery, nursery, primary, secondary, or senior secondary levels in schools must have the appropriate qualifications. Before moving to the benefits of being a PRT teacher, let us glance at what PRT is. 

What Is PRT?

PRT stands for Primary Teacher. The primary teacher teaches the students of the primary level, i.e., the first to fifth grades. A candidate seeking to become a PRT Teacher requires a Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed). This 2-year diploma course is offered in both full-time classroom training and distance learning formats. A candidate for this diploma will usually complete four semesters and will be prepared to teach in a primary school. 

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Diplomas in Elementary Education are available at many private and public institutions across the country. It offers a two-year diploma program in elementary education that is innovative and challenging—a candidate for D.El.Ed admission must have passed 10+2 or equivalent with a grade point average of at least 50 percent to be considered for admission.

Potential Benefits Of Being A PRT Teacher

  • Education Is One Of The Building Blocks Of Your Life.

Elementary school is the starting point for everything. The person who sets the bar for learning is a child’s first teacher. If not carefully managed, they can instill a love for school but also foster negative feelings. 

The first time they interact with others outside of their families, follow a specific routine, or experience rules and consequences from someone other than their parents. These aspects of education are fundamental, as they lay the foundation for a child’s success both academically and behaviorally later in life.

The first year of elementary school introduces a child to the subjects they will be studying throughout their lifetime. When a PRT teacher can ignite a child’s excitement for math, language arts, and science, it will determine this child’s learning style. 

Inability to capture a child’s attention at an early age can negatively affect their academic success in the future, especially if the child also has difficulty adjusting to the social aspects of school. As an elementary school teacher, it is a considerable challenge to develop such crucial skills in children, but it is also advantageous.

  • You Have A Broad Appreciation For Many Subjects.

Elementary teachers have an enormous advantage over single subject teachers in that they can teach several subjects in one day. As a result, teachers’ days become less monotonous, and they can see their students in various ways throughout the day. 

If a PRT teacher uses a variety of materials, it is easier to observe a more rounded student. Additionally, when a teacher uses various materials, they can incorporate multiple activities into the lesson. In the morning, students may work on math problems, but they may conduct experiments or perform skits in the afternoon. 

Lessons and interactions with elementary school students can foster students’ creativity and individuality. Teachers often collaborate and switch off teaching different subjects, so if one enjoys teaching science and another likes language arts, they can each present their preferred curriculum.

  • By Making A Difference, You’ll Have An Impact. 

It is possible to have a profound effect on the lives and education of such young children by teaching them. Having a favorite teacher in primary school that you remember, for example, won’t necessarily disappear as they move on to secondary school, either.

  • Children Display An Incredible Amount Of Energy And Excitement.

In primary schools, a distinct feeling of exhilaration is felt that can’t be felt in many other settings. Children enjoy learning. The job of PRT teacher is exciting and rewarding because students are eager to learn and experience new things, even if it is schoolwork. Having the opportunity to expose students to new things that they would not usually encounter allows elementary teachers to create an atmosphere of fun and happiness. 

Students enjoy their surroundings and each other, which produces a fun and friendly atmosphere. In schools, children are frequently taken to museums, factories, businesses, and other places for the first time. In addition to hearing guest speakers, visiting the library, and attending assemblies, they are treated to various other fun activities. Seeing a child’s face when they make sense of a concept or witness a new experience for the first time is a memorable experience.


Educators are often asked why they chose a career in education, and the answers could vary widely. Those who choose to teach do so for various reasons, but one thing is sure: the result is the same whatever the reason. Despite its challenges, being a PRT teacher is a gratifying career, and every teacher can attest to the satisfaction they feel knowing they are building the foundation for a child’s future.

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