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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for the Primary Teacher Exam

Many people wish to work in the field of education. Teaching is a fulfilling career that offers attractive salary packages. Plenty of students wish to become a teacher, but very few get the opportunity to work in this field. To become a teacher, you must take the primary teacher exam. This exam entails a written test as well as an interview.

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Study Tips for the Primary Teacher Exam

Here are some tips to remember before you start preparing for the primary teacher exam:

  • Time management

There is a stipulated time within which all questions must be answered. Candidates must know how to manage their time well. Ideally, students should not spend more than 2-3 minutes on one question. It is best to attempt the easy questions first and then come to the difficult ones.

  • Practice mock tests

The best way to improve your performance is by practicing mock tests. After finishing the syllabus, take one mock test every day. The results of the mock test will offer you insight into your weaknesses. You can then focus on strengthening those sections. It will also make you familiar with the exam format.

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  • Go through the previous years’ exams

The previous papers will give you a hint about the types of questions that will come in the exam. It is easy to find these papers online. It will also give you an idea of how difficult the paper is and where you stand. You can strategize your preparations accordingly.

5 Mistakes to Avoiding While Preparing for the Primary Teacher Exam

If you have decided to give the primary teacher exam, ensure that you do not make these mistakes:

  • Mugging up and not revising well

Rote learning will do you more harm than good. If you do not understand the logic behind a concept, you are more likely to forget what you mugged up. It is not the best way for your brain to retain information. It is also important to revise. When you go over a topic, it is bound to stick better. If you forget a topic, revision is the best way to recall it. It is crucial to give mock tests during your exam preparation. It allows you to assess yourself and know your strong and weak points. Once you know where you stand, you can revise your study plan and focus on your weaknesses. Not giving mock tests makes you lose the opportunity to find your weaknesses and address them. It might hinder your overall success. 

  • Not being diligent

Work smart and work hard. Both are required to do well in the primary teacher exam. True success is knowing how to combine smart work with hard work. Diligence and consistency go a long way.

  • Not knowing the syllabus or exam format

The primary teacher exam is a difficult one. Many people focus on completing its lengthy syllabus, but not many understand its format. Before you can get to studying, it is vital that you fully understand the exam syllabus and pattern. It will allow you to devise a proper study plan. It will also give you insight into the marks and weightage of each section. Consequently, this allows you to understand how much time must be given to each of them. It will be difficult for you to crack the exam if you do not understand these two aspects.

  • Procrastinating

Many students think they have more than enough time to study and put off their work for the next day. This habit will make you lose valuable time. When studying for the primary teacher exam, every minute counts. Do not start studying at the last minute as it puts immense pressure on you. It is not possible to complete the entire syllabus in a short period. You must ensure that you start well in time so that you don’t end up panicking.

  • Multi-tasking

Do not attempt to multi-task as it will make you lose focus. This will not let you concentrate on your studies properly. Try to keep all distractions away. Study one topic at a time. Once it is completed, you can move on to the next. However, do not give a majority of your time to the topics you start with. Ensure you plan your study schedule well so that you have ample time to study every topic. You can set deadlines to finish your topics on time.

Having a career in the teaching field is an honorable job. Getting such a job requires dedication and hard work. If you have decided to give the primary teacher exam, start preparing ahead of time.

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