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10 Teaching Tips for a PRT Teacher?

The job of a PRT teacher is equally challenging and rewarding as you need to deal with different psychology of students and tend to use different teaching methodologies to ensure each student understands the lesson swiftly. 

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We all have heard this question around for a long time – what makes a great teacher? Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this question. Different teachers use different approaches for different students; there is no single solution to the problem. There has been much research conducted to identify the real essence of effective learning by Sutton Trust, and it was found that practices like praising children and independently allowing them to explore new things can be useful ways to monitor and regulate desired behavior. 

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10 Effective Teaching Tips for a PRT Teacher

We will not ask you to gather a room of teachers and attain some proven teaching strategies to become one of the best PRT teachers in the town. Instead, be ready to abbreviate some tried and tested teaching tips for a PRT teacher. So, here is the rundown of some intriguing pointers where you’re about to embark on one of the most delightful and memorable years of your working life. 

  • Comprehend your subject and earn their respect – It may sound obvious and basic to many, but apparently, it’s highly underrated. Good teaching only starts with good understanding. When you comprehend your student’s needs, you earn respect and faster results. Always remember that the relationship between teacher and student is a vital touchstone to impart a solid learning experience. This also allows you to personalize your lesson according to the psychology of the students. 
  • Diagnose and analyze children’s gaps – In simple words, conduct a SWOT analysis of the students to identify their weaknesses and gaps and curate a plan of action. Most teachers primarily focus on smart students who understand the subject matter swiftly and ignore the less intelligent ones. It is where the role of the PRT teacher comes into the picture. Young minds can be trained and improved much faster than adults. The initial stages of the child are the foundation of his future. 
  • Do smile before Christmas and appreciate – Yes, please SMILE. This proverb reminds you that many children have little or nothing to smile at as kids hate schools. But you can be their best hope of any positivity and reason for their smile. The first and the foremost way to make them feel like Home is by appreciating their small acts and hard work. So whenever you can, smile your head off. A little bit of comedy goes a long way.
  • Build relationships with parents – Does this sound off the wall? But it’s a fact that parents hold a prominent role and influence over their child’s life in the classroom now more than ever. This is an extremely new concept, but if teachers and parents unite and work together, they can ensure faster and effective learning. Many children’s disciplinary problems can be tangled easily. Schedule PTM very frequently to build relationships. 
  • Don’t follow the old herd learning mythology- There is no one solution to different problems. Following one set of methodology for all students might not give the desired results and behaviors. Every child is special and has their own set of understanding and grasping concepts. Try to personalize your approach and teach them as per their mental appetite. 
  • Keep it real – Few PRT teachers tend to be over-friendly so that students can become amiable towards them in a short period of time. But in most cases, the reverse happens. Students start taking teachers for granted and make things more blurry for the teachers to start with. So try to be your real self and gradually, you will be welcomed by students.  
  • Focus on formative assessments and less on summative assessment – In the initial stages of teaching, follow formative assessments that are used to gauge pupils’ understanding of a topic. By using this, you will understand whether pupils are struggling with a topic at the moment. In the later stages, you may use summative assessment.
  • Manage behaviour – When you start as a PRT teacher, you will meet different students with different behavioral patterns. Some will be calm, aggressive, and notorious. You need to manage their behaviour as per their temperament. 
  • Make learning more fun and intriguing- Use the philosophy of Edutainment, where you can teach them while entertaining. Don’t follow old school routines but try inculcating some exciting games in your curriculum as a means of teaching students. 
  • Use new-age digital learning tools – We are living in the digital world that has gifted us with amazing digital learning tools like YouTube and other learning gamification techniques. Use and shoot them at kids with a smile!

Wrapping Up 

In a nutshell, these tips will make your PRT career far more peaceful and easy. The first class that you will teach, despite the problem you might face in the beginning, you will always cherish it while recalling it and will hold a special place in your heart. As you will grow and prosper as a PRT teacher,  you will feel proud of yourself. So now it’s a time to enjoy your new career – and make sure you impale yourself on it because it’s worth it. 

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