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Meaning Of UPSESSB:  UPSESSB refers to Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board. It conducts the Written Examination for the Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) and Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT). 

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This article provides a detailed overview of UPSESSB, including the UPSESSB guidelines that every aspirant should check and understand before going ahead with their teacher eligibility exams.

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Guidelines As States By UPSESSB

Applicants need to meet the following requirements as per the UPSESSB guidelines.

  1. Candidates for direct recruitment as teachers must be of the following nationalities:

a. They are either an Indian citizen or a citizen of another country.

b. A Tibetan refugee who came to India before January 1, 1962, with the intent of permanently settling in India.

c. Indians who have moved to India permanently from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, for settling permanently.

A candidate belonging to category (b) or (c) above must obtain an eligibility certificate from the State Government.

It is further stated that candidates belonging to category (b) will also be required to obtain an eligibility certificate from the Uttar Pradesh Deputy Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Branch.

The retention of a candidate under category (c) above may be subject to their acquiring Indian citizenship if they have been in service for more than one year.

Point to be noted- A candidate needs an eligibility certificate, but if it has not been issued or has been refused, the candidate will still be allowed to appear for the interview. If they meet the requisite qualifications, they can also be provisionally appointed. (Only if the required certificate has been obtained by the candidate or issued in their favor)

  1. For direct recruitment to a teacher post, a candidate must be at least twenty-one years old on July 1 of the calendar year when the vacancies are advertised.
  1. Candidates for appointment to a teaching position must possess the qualification as per regulation 1 of chapter II of the Regulations made under the Intermediate Education Act, 1921.
  1. Candidates for direct recruitment as teachers must be of a character that makes them suitable in all respects for employment in educational institutions. The Board will determine suitability in this respect.

Those dismissed by the Union Government, a State Government, a Local Authority, or a Corporation owned or controlled by either the Union or a State Government will not be eligible for appointment. Candidates who have committed an offense involving moral turpitude will be considered ineligible.

  1. An applicant who has more than one wife living, or a female candidate married to a man who already has a wife living, might not be eligible for an appointment to the post of a teacher.

Any person may be exempted from this rule if the State Government is satisfied with the existence of exceptional circumstances.

  1. To be eligible for appointment as a teacher, the candidate must be in good health mentally and physically, with no physical defect that can interfere with their performance. However, if one has a disability which does not interfere with their specific duties, they are eligible for appointment. For instance, a visually impaired person may be appointed as a Music teacher. 
  • A candidate must produce a medical certificate of fitness from the Medical Officer of a Government hospital or Primary Health Centre before they can be considered for an appointment.
  • To be promoted, a candidate is not required to submit a medical certificate of fitness.
  1. The appointment of a male candidate as a teacher in a girl’s institution is prohibited. But this rule may not apply for:

(a) An already working teacher in a girls’ institution for appointment by promotion to a higher post within the institution, other than the post of head of the institution;

(b) A blind candidate to be appointed as a Music teacher:

Further, the Board may designate a male candidate for a teaching post, when a suitable lady candidate is not available for appointment, or if it believes it is expedient in the interest of students to do so. The Board may also consider the views of the Management and the Joint Director before selecting a male candidate as per the preceding proviso.

In A Nutshell!

UPSESSB conducts the UP TGT & PGT exams for appointing qualified teachers in the state’s schools. The recruitment notifications for Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) and Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) are published on the website of UPSESSB or the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board. Read the notification and apply online if you meet all the eligibility criteria. 

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