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PGT Qualification – Tips and Tricks

What is PGT?

PGT is the short form used for post-graduate teachers. The education, training, and degrees for this field of teaching help the post-graduate teachers better understand the duties and responsibilities involved in teaching students belonging to the senior secondary or higher secondary levels of various government and private schools. 

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Often referred to as “secondary school teaching,” getting a PGT qualification is tough as the vacancies for such teaching posts are few compared to the high number of PGT aspirants who apply for the recruitment examinations. 

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PGT qualification– Tips and Tricks

Post-graduate teachers have to qualify for various teacher exams. By doing so, the PGT aspirants can obtain a proper post-graduate diploma in a relevant subject. 

Here are some effective exam preparation tips and tricks that PGT aspirants must follow for their PGT qualification.

Understand the syllabus, topics, and exam format

First and foremost, PGT aspirants must thoroughly revise and understand the PGT Exam syllabus and topics. The major subjects of PGT include English, Hindi, Reasoning, Mathematics, GK (General Knowledge), GA (General Awareness), CA & CDP, Teaching Methodology, Teaching Aptitude, and Attitude. 

Checking the PGT qualification syllabus, subject topics, and exam pattern will help the candidates gain a proper understanding of various details, such as the total number of questions, time duration, marking schemes, etc.

Follow a well-planned, scheduled timetable

After going through all the topics and syllabus for the exam, the candidates should create a smart timetable covering all the important topics. 

Based on their strengths and weaknesses, the candidates can plan their schedule accordingly by giving more time to subjects in which they are weak and less time to subjects in which they are strong. 

A well-planned schedule helps the candidates to remain disciplined in their preparation for the PGT qualification.

Time Management is the Key

Just like any competitive recruitment examination, the PGT qualification exams will also have a fixed allotted time duration. Candidates are advised to develop a smart time management strategy by cleverly setting the study target they want to achieve in a limited preparation time. 

Aspirants must also try out the online mock test platforms to improve their time management skills. Once the aspirants understand how to manage their time properly, they can easily give their PGT qualification exams without any anxiety or stress.

Solving Last Year Papers, Mock Papers, or other sample test papers

It is highly recommended for PGT aspirants to solve last year’s question papers and various other sample papers in order to measure the difficulty level of the PGT qualification exam. 

They must solve as many mock test papers as possible to develop full confidence and practice to complete the PGT qualification exam on time.

Refer to Latest Study Materials

Candidates are advised to only go through the latest and up-to-date reference books and study materials as per the latest syllabus and topics provided on the official websites of PGT qualification recruitment. 

They must not spend their money on purchasing too many unnecessary books and study materials, as this would only lead to chaos and confusion at the end of the day. 

Take Small Breaks

As rightly said in the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” students must also take proper breaks in between their study schedules. They must never skip meals, drink lots of water, get proper rest, exercise and meditate enough, play a game or two, and sleep for sufficient hours. 

Candidates should not overstudy as that would only burden their minds. In order to make some effective use of their recreation time, aspirants can also improve their daily reading, vocabulary, and English grammar knowledge by reading books, business magazines, newspapers, featured articles, etc.

Stay Focussed

Among all these recreation and breaks, the candidates must not forget to stay focussed on their preparation during their study hours. A minimum of 3 to 4 hours must be devoted to studying each day. 

The aspirants must utilise the complete time to understand the concepts slowly and not memorise them in a rush. During these hours, the candidates must not get distracted by anything. While doing the preparations, candidates can also make short study notes that they can revise daily and have quick revisions before the examination.

Be confident

The most important thing for any exam is to stay confident and maintain a positive attitude. The aspirants must believe in themselves and their PGT qualification preparation, and they must believe in the effort they have given throughout the year. The candidates should not be under extra stress or last-minute rush as it would only pressure them.

A successful PGT qualification will guarantee the candidate a great career in the educational field. It paves the way for the candidate to study for higher teaching courses as well. 

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