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PGT Mock Test – Practice Questions

PGT, Post Graduate Teacher, is an eligibility exam conducted to recruit teaching aspirants for teaching higher secondary classes. The post of PGT is the most respected position in teaching school education, with a good salary and future career prospects. Candidates who have qualified PGT exams are eligible to teach in government and private schools.

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Post Graduate teachers are recruited to teach classes 11th and 12th; therefore, they must possess post-graduate education (Masters) in the subject of their interest from a recognized institution or university.

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However, lakhs of candidates apply for the PGT exam every year, and it’s a tough competition for each vacant post of post-graduate teacher. Thus, it is crucial that candidates study with a carefully crafted preparation strategy to pass the exam with excellent scores.

One of the essential parts of a preparation strategy is to solve mock test papers after studying the syllabus well. In this blog, you can find out how mock test papers can benefit your performance in the PGT exam and other information related to it, including sample questions of the PGT exam.

Benefits of taking PGT mock test – practice questions

A candidate must attempt as many PGT mock test papers and previous years’ question papers as possible. Here’s how practicing PGT mock test practice questions can benefit a candidate:

  • It helps candidates analyze where they stand and how well prepared they are for the PGT exam.
  • It helps candidates get an idea about the actual examination and helps manage the time while appearing for the exam.
  • Additionally, candidates get more familiar with the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam.
  • It also helps candidates find out their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work more on the weak points.
  • Lastly, practicing PGT mock test papers will boost the overall confidence of the candidate and positively affect their scores.

Note: Before practicing the mock test papers or previous years’ question papers, candidates must thoroughly understand the PGT exam syllabus and exam pattern. To gain more insights about the same, you can refer to this article on the PGT exam. The candidates can also refer to the PGT official website for a detailed syllabus and other related information.

Where to find PGT mock test papers?

Candidates can collect mock test papers and previous years’ papers from multiple online and offline sources. PGT practice questions are readily available both online and offline. One can also find the answer keys of previous years’ question papers on the official website of the exam. You can also find books that contain material for studying and PGT mock test papers or previous question papers. In addition, many self-preparation guides and books are available that include questions to solve.

Sample PGT questions

To give candidates a better idea, here are a few sample questions for the PGT exam from a few subjects:

Q1. (Maths) A sphere after collision with a plane vertically downwards with velocity 20 cm per second returns upwards with velocity 4 cm per second, then the value of the coefficient of restitution e is:

  1. ½
  2. ¼
  3. ⅕ 

Ans. ⅕ 

Q2. (Physics) The source of solar energy is:

  1. Burning of hydrogen
  2. Nuclear fission reactions
  3. Nuclear fusion reactions
  4. Radiant energy received from other solar systems

Ans. Nuclear fusion reactions

Q3. (Biology) The term ‘Single Cell Protein’ refers to:

  1. Protein obtained from a single cell
  2. Protein obtained from the progeny of a single cell
  3. Protein obtained from the large scale growth of algae, fungi, or bacteria
  4. Viral coat proteins

Ans. Protein obtained from the large scale growth of algae, fungi, or bacteria

Q4. (History) Who was the Chairman of the Partition Council for Civil Administration between India and Pakistan:

  1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  3. Lord Mountbatten
  4. General Auchinleck

Ans. General Auchinleck

Q5. (Commerce) When shares are forfeited, the share capital account is debited by:

  1. Face value of shares
  2. Called up amount of shares
  3. Paid-up value of shares
  4. Unpaid amount of shares

Ans. Called up amount of shares

Q5. (English) In which of the following poems do we get the references of ‘Dryad,’ ‘Flora,’ and ‘Ruth?’

  1. Ode to the West Wind
  2. True Love
  3. Ode to A Nightingale
  4. Ode to A Grecian Urn

Ans. Ode to A Nightingale


Practising PGT mock test papers and previous question papers are significant to the preparation strategy for the exam. As discussed in the blog above, it helps candidates make a self-assessment and offers various benefits. Once done with studying the entire syllabus, candidates must try to attempt as many practice papers as possible.

Along with practicing mock test papers, the candidates must follow the preparation strategy strictly and with determination. While giving the mock tests, candidates must attempt the tests with a stress-free mindset and practice with a timer for effective time management.

Qualifying the PGT exam with good scores can be challenging, but taking mock tests and solving practice questions can help candidates ace PGT. So amp up your preparations with PGT mock tests without any delay.

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