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PGT Learning Strategies

After completing graduation and acquiring a B.Ed degree, a candidate can select a specific level from varied levels encompassing TGT, PGT, and PRT. Out of these, TGT is concerned with the primary level, PRT is concerned with the upper primary level, and PGT is concerned with the Intercollege level. 

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The PGT exam syllabus may appear overwhelming and when a candidate lacks sufficient time, preparing for a PGT exam becomes more challenging. In this scenario, the strategy should be not to rush through multiple topics at one time. Once a topic is learnt thoroughly, then only the next topic should be considered for learning. Here get hold of the great PGT tips to ace the PGT exam:-

Improve Hindi Vocabulary: Improving Hindi vocabulary can help you secure a position on a merit list. The ideal way to improve vocabulary is by jotting down a few new words every day and revising them whenever you get time. 

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Improve English Grammar: A thorough understanding of English grammar is required to attempt various questions belonging to a range of topics. 

Strengthen General Knowledge For a PGT exam, scoring well in the GK section may appear challenging. However, referring to the right study material related to GK can go a long way to help you nail the GK section. Besides that, you may read newspapers, magazines, and online GK blogs to improve your general knowledge. 

Improve Reading Comprehension Skills: To nail the reading comprehension part, it is essential to improve the reading skills. A PGT exam aspirant must make it a habit of reading English passages or paragraphs every day. 

Prepare notes- No matter what exam, the importance of notes cannot be underestimated. It is essential to prepare short notes and long notes due to a multitude of reasons to nail a PGT exam. 

Revision- Without revision, it is difficult to secure a position on a merit list. Revision helps a candidate to recall the right answer during the exam in a minimal time. There are times when a candidate has studied a topic but gets confused during attempting MCQ. This is where the importance of revision comes into the picture. Indeed, revision is the key to strengthening learning. 

Reasoning Ability- Since the level of PGT is higher, the level related to questions belonging to the reasoning section too is bound to be higher. Questions belonging to both non-verbal and verbal reasoning sections will be included in this section. Therefore, it becomes essential to improve the proficiency related to diversified topics. 

The topics from the Verbal Reasoning section include Analogy, Series Completion, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Arithmetical Reasoning, Alphabet Test, Direction Test, Statement, and Conclusion. While the topics from the Non-verbal reasoning section include Figure Embedding, Paper-based folding, and Mirror reflection. 

Improve logical skills: A logical section in a PGT exam tests the ability of candidates to think besides testing problem-solving skills. Therefore, a candidate must follow one of the crucial PGT tips to sharpen the analytical and logical skills by referring to the solved mock papers and quality study material. 

Practical computer literacy knowledge-It is essential for a candidate to acquire at least basic knowledge related to the Computer Literacy section. These days, there is plenty of material online and offline both to improve proficiency related to Computer Literacy. Especially, one can easily get important information related to internet topics. Gaining practical knowledge to confidently attempt questions related to this section is crucial. Therefore learning Word, Excel, Powerpoint proves to be extremely useful. 

Solving previous year papers- When it comes to mastering PGT learning strategies, it is essential to simultaneously solve the previous year’s papers to assess the current level of preparation. Moreover, solving the previous year’s paper helps the candidate to further improve accuracy and speed. Also, a few questions from the previous year’s paper are expected to be repeated. 

Pedagogy- The Pedagogy section is one of the most important sections in the context of all teaching-related exams. To successfully attempt this section, a candidate certainly requires honing logical and analytical skills besides gaining a thorough knowledge related to various related topics. The main topics include Pedagogical approaches, concerns, Communication, Understanding, Inclusive Education, Learning, Interaction, and more. 

Clear your theories and concepts- No matter what section, it is one of the important PGT tips to clear basic concepts and theories. Without clearing basic concepts, it will be a futile attempt to advance your learning level. A few students opt for mugging up without clearing the basics to complete the entire syllabus. The same result in a wastage of time and effort.  

Many candidates opt for professional coaching that helps them to get hold of the right strategies and tips to nail the difficult sections, including the reasoning section like a pro. In simple words, you can consider opting for professional coaching to master the reasoning section. However, the above useful PGT tips can help you accomplish your goal of qualifying PGT to a great extent. 

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