How to Prepare Notes for PGT

Post Graduate Teacher: An Overview

PGTs, also known as Post Graduate Teachers, are recruited to teach higher-level or secondary school and higher secondary school students across the country. To become a PGT, one must have a postgraduate degree in their subject of interest and score the qualifying marks in teacher recruitment exams like the PGT Exam.

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The recruitment process comprises of the following three steps:

  • Written Test
  • Interview
  • Marks for higher education

In this article, apart from the important basic points about PGT, we will learn tips, tricks, and strategies that will help make effective PGT notes to score better in the test.

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Before knowing tips on how to write PGT notes, get a better understanding of what the exam comprises, the subjects involved, and the syllabus. This will help you make better PGT notes for the exam.

The PGT exam syllabus includes the following subjects, and the test will be according to one’s subjects in higher education:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Sanskrit
  • Urdu
  • Civics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Chemistry
  • Art
  • Sociology
  • Agriculture
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Home Science
  • Music
  • Commerce
  • Military Science

Paper Pattern for PGT Exam

Some of the important details about the PGT exam pattern are:

  • The PGT exam follows objective-type questions.
  • The total number of questions in the test is 120 questions.
  • For each correct answer in the PGT test, 3.4 marks are awarded.
  • The maximum number of marks in the PGT written test is 425.
  • There is no negative marking for wrong answers or unattempted questions in the test.
  • The duration of the PGT test is two hours.
  • While the written test carries 425 marks, 50 marks are for the interview round, and the other 25 marks for the special education, making the total PGT score 500 marks.

Exam Pattern

PGT Written Test

SubjectsTotal QuestionsMarks for each QuestionMaximum MarksDuration of the testWeightage
Concerned Subjects of a candidate1253.44252 hours85%
General Knowledge
Personality Test
Higher Education Marks255%

How to prepare notes for PGT

The aspirants must prepare notes while studying for the PGT exam or any other competitive exam. This is because most of the competitive exams, including the PGT, have a vast syllabus, and no candidate can remember all of it without some short notes.

Hence, one must maintain notes throughout the preparation, and some of the effective ways to prepare PGT notes are:

  1. Don’t write everything you read

While you are reading something for the first time, you feel that everything is important and wish to note down everything. But, if you note down everything that you read in the notes, then there is no point in writing the PGT notes. Hence, read one particular topic multiple times, understand it, and then note down only important points at a time in your notes.

  1. Write in your own words

You can write on a particular topic while studying but writing notes after completely understanding that topic is completely different and more effective. Try to study the topic multiple times, understand it, and note down all the points you remember briefly without referring to the main material. This will help you prepare well and increase your memory power on that particular topic.

  1. Note down all the important information

While reading a particular topic, do not miss out on the important information like the dates, terminologies used, diagrams, hierarchy, flow charts, etc. While referring to the notes, having a glance at all these important points will help you remember the whole topic immediately, and you will not miss out on the important points because of the notes.

  1. Maintain discipline

While preparing your PGT notes, make sure to complete a topic if you start it. Do not write a few points at one place and the remaining points at another place. If you think a few points might get added later, make sure to leave some space for them but do not mix the topics. It will only increase your confusion while revising for the exam. Maintain your PGT notes systematically, topic-wise, and subject-wise.

  1. Do not deviate from the purpose

While preparing the notes, keep in mind that they should be revision-friendly. So make sure that while preparing your PGT notes, you add an overview of the topic for revision, write down only informative points, and write in your own words to enhance your grip on the topic.

While writing notes, your mind will engage with the topic, making you understand and remember better. So make sure to work effectively to create your own PGT notes to score well on the test.

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