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Pure Science

Pure Science is science that derives predictions and theories. Pure Science is also referred to as basic science, fundamental science, and natural Science. It deals with the study of natural phenomena by means of observation, experimentation, and the use of scientific methods. Pure science is often conducted in a laboratory.

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The main objective of pure science is to increase the amount of information in a particular field of study as well as to develop scientific theories. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are some of the main streams that are pursued in Pure Science.

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It is one of the most interesting and research-oriented fields there is and plays a vital role in innovation, inventions, and new discoveries. It creates and establishes information to better understand nature describing the most basic forces, objects, relations between them, and the laws governing them, in such a way that all other phenomena might be in principle derived from them, which follows the logic of scientific reductionism. Studying pure sciences requires a constantly curious state of mind about the different phenomena that occur in nature, hypotheses and creating theories about them, and finally validating and testing them through experimentation and logic

Different science subjects are used to address different aspects of natural phenomena. For example, Physics deals with the study of matter’s properties and its constituents in the universe, since they relate to force, energy, and motions. Chemistry deals with the reactions of the constituents of matter for the creation of new forms of matter.

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