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Punjab Education Board

Punjab Education Board is a school board based in Mohali, Punjab. The board was established in 1969 to administer education quality in public schools. The board also conducts standardized examinations across all public schools in Punjab. In short, it was established to bring uniformity to the education sector. 

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Punjab Education Board is also eligible to conduct the administration of scholarships and publish textbooks for public school students. The board administration follows a hierarchy and is headed by a Chairman. The Chairman reports to the Secretary of School Education in the Government of Punjab. The board is divided into various branches for ease of operation. The prominent departments under the Punjab Education Board are:

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  • Academic branch
  • Establishment 
  • Administration
  • Conduct
  • Secrecy
  • Punjab Open School
  • Construction wing
  • Account branch
  • Affiliation branch
  • Examination branch
  • Computer center
  • Legal cell
  • Verification 


The significant functions of the education board are as follows:

  • The board is an advisory body for the education department of the Punjab government.
  • It is responsible for qualitative improvement in school education.
  • The board is responsible for preparing, compiling, improving, and printing textbooks for students.
  • The board is also responsible for conducting fair examinations for students. However, it can be done with strict monitoring. Therefore, the board makes necessary arrangements to conduct examinations across all public schools. At present, it conducts assessments for students at the middle, matriculation, and senior secondary level.
  • The board aims to provide quality textbooks to every student. Therefore, it has a separate wing to prescribe the curriculum, courses of studies, and textbooks to students. This special wing has subject experts to develop the curriculum. 

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