PTR full form – Pupil Teacher Ratio

PTR, also called Student Teacher Ratio, is the ratio of the number of students for a teacher in any classroom. Pupil Teacher Ratio determines a number of factors when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge. In a class where the number of students is less per teacher, there are a lot of benefits. Students will be more engaged in the class and become active participants, which will enable them to perform better.

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As the education system is evolving, educational institutions are trying to reduce the number of students as it increases the efficiency of the teachers. The fewer the number of students, the higher the chance for the teacher to create an impact among the students. Moreover, each student will receive individual attention and they will be getting relevant feedback importance from the teachers. Hence, there is room for improvement for students as well as teachers. 

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Teachers can quickly identify kids who are falling behind when the PTR is low. Each student’s performance can improve as a result of this timely intervention on the part of the teachers. Students are encouraged to showcase their talents, and with the right direction from the teacher, they have the chance to reach their full potential. Consequently, teachers or educators have the chance to bring about a positive change in students when they have fewer students to deal with. It helps them build a community of learners who are ahead in terms of skills, abilities, and performance. 

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