PTM stands for parent teacher meeting. The concept of PTM or parent teacher meeting is a very old concept that the schools use to keep the parents updated about their child’s academic and overall performance. It is crucial that along with teachers, parents should also be involved in their child’s learning process. Students tend to express themselves differently in front of parents and teachers. Hence, it is important for both the parties to know each side of the child. Here are a few tips for teachers as well as parents on how to be at a PTM.

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1- Make sure to keep the criticism/feedback balanced. Teachers or parents should not go extreme while pointing out the mistakes of the child. Such incidents might disturb the students deeply. Teachers as well as parents should remember to speak in a way that does not hurt the child much.

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2- Teachers should remember not to compare one student with the other students in a classroom. Doing so is not only bad for the child’s emotional and mental health, but might also make the parents feel bad. Choice of words is really important.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the child, teachers and parents should look for better ways to help the child.

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