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Kow more on PTM Full Form

The concept of PTM has become very important for the educational sector. However it
is important to note that in most cases parents are not aware of the PTM full form in
school. One of the reasons being that, this concept has gained importance over the last
decade as education institutions have become more standardized and updated. Most
students who come to school are not aware of the PTM full form in school initially but
rather are taught over the years regarding its importance. PTM stands for parent
teacher meeting.
The concept of PTM or parent teacher meeting is a very old concept that the schools
use to keep the parents updated about their child’s academic and overall performance.
It is crucial that along with teachers, parents should also be involved in their child’s
learning process. Students tend to express themselves differently in front of parents and
teachers. Hence, it is important for both the parties to know each side of the child. Here
are a few tips for teachers as well as parents on how to be at a PTM.
The need for managing PTM interactions
As it has already been established that the PTM full form in school is called parent
teacher meeting. In this below section, an outline regarding its importance will be briefly
explained.PTM is considered to be an important part of the academic curriculum
because it helps in improving academic achievement.
It also contributes towards helping the parents learn about the growth of their own
children along with the teachers identifying the learning patterns of the students.
Through the help of this PTM it becomes possible for teachers and parents to come
together to identify the major challenges present in the students and look for strategies
to grow further.
However, in case of school Institutions the management of PTM for different classes is
often considered to be a huge challenge. This is because they will require to not only
develop results for 1 particular section of class but rather all standards starting from
standard 1 to standard 12.
One of the best ways to manage this situation and make PTM as smooth as possible is
by digitizing the operations of the school. Through the presence of correct education
management systems it will become possible for teachers to easily identify the
strengths and weaknesses of each student, across all standards. It will reduce the
challenge of identifying the learning pattern for each student and Help save important

Our company Teachmint is dedicated towards helping school institutions manage their
school PTM with ease through our integrated school operations.We have a dedicated
team who take time out to understand the needs and requirements for each school and
optimize the same in the school Management Technology that they are purchasing.
Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the
performance management for efficient school management.
1- Make sure to keep the criticism/feedback balanced. Teachers or parents should not
go extreme while pointing out the mistakes of the child. Such incidents might disturb the
students deeply. Teachers as well as parents should remember to speak in a way that
does not hurt the child much.
Read the evaluation methodologies and outcomes. Also, read everything about the
hybrid learning.
2- Teachers should remember not to compare one student with the other students in a
classroom. Doing so is not only bad for the child’s emotional and mental health, but
might also make the parents feel bad. Choice of words is really important.
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the child, teachers and parents should
look for better ways to help the child.

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