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A PRT is an abbreviation of a primary school teacher who teaches students from the first to fourth classes. The concept is widely popular in India, and other countries also follow similar patterns.  In other countries, a PRT can teach up to the 5th standard. Both the government and private schools in India employ a PRT for their primary schools. 

A PRT is a trained teaching professional who deals with young students and has undergone the required qualification to become a qualified teacher. They play their part in shaping the minds of young children who are the future leaders of the country. 

The areas a primary school teacher needs to focus on are motivation, encouraging initiation, empathy development, fostering friendships, etc. Given this, schools and colleges give a higher priority to skilled teachers.

The salary of a PRT or a primary teacher is decided as per their level of knowledge and competence. A government school usually has higher pay scales, while a private school can have lower pay scales. 

The selection of a PRT in government schools is a tedious and lengthy process. They can have a written and an oral exam to judge and appoint the candidates from the pool. The hiring process in government schools can be time-consuming, while in private schools, it can be faster depending upon the requirements.  

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