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A Provost is a position in an academic institute like a university. In countries like Canada and the United States, many higher study educational institutions have this position. 

The position of a Provost is equivalent to deputy vice-chancellors found in institutions and universities in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. These are senior academician’s equivalent to any Master’s (professor) in other colleges. 

A Provost is responsible for implementing different academic priorities of the institutes. They also take care of the allocation of additional resources to support their priorities. They work closely with the department heads, faculty members, academic deans, and student services heads to provide high-quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate educational services. 

A Provost is also regarded as a chief academic officer of an educational institute or university and has to handle the institution/university’s academic and budgetary affairs. 

In modern-day universities, a provost generally reports directly to the president of the university. They are responsible for working closely with the president of the institution to set up the priorities for the coming session of the university along with allocating the required funds to manage the set priorities.

A Provost differs from a dean in many ways. The former deals with the entire institution or an autonomous university and the latter only focus on the given faculty or departmental level.

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