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Provisional Degree

Awarding a degree to a graduate takes many months to a year so, universities give a temporary degree certificate that is valid for six months or until the next convocation, whichever comes first which is known as a provisional degree. A provisional degree certificate is a temporary document issued by a university until a permanent degree is awarded and conferred during convocation.

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The certificate is usually valid for about 6 months or until the students acquire a degree. It doesn’t have a time limit on it but after receiving the final degree students don’t use it. On the other hand, once the institute awards the degree, the Provisional Certificate would be useless. It’s usually used as a temporary replacement for a degree, and the certificate acts as proof that the degree hasn’t been awarded yet.

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A provisional degree certificate is issued by several institutions around the world to allow students to continue their studies or seek employment. Students must contact their academic institution to apply for a provisional certificate. The manner of receiving the certificate varies by university, with some issuing the provisional in a matter of days and others needing longer. Most colleges, on the other hand, offer the certificate in three months, whereas the degree takes a year or two to finish.

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