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In the field of logic and linguistics, a proposition meaning is simply defined as a declarative sentence. In the field of philosophy, meaning is understood as a non-linguistic entity that is shared by all sentences with the same meaning. A proposition is the non-linguistic bearer of falsity or truth which makes any sentence that expresses it either false or true. 

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While the term proposition may be used in everyday language to refer to a linguistic statement that can be either true or false, the technical philosophical term. This differs from the mathematical usage and refers exclusively to the non-linguistic meaning of the statement. The term is often used in a very broad context, refer to several related concepts, both within the realm of philosophy as well as in contemporary analytic philosophy. It can generally be used to refer to some or all of the following:

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  • The primary bearers of truth values 
  • The objects of belief and other propositional attitudes
  • The referents of “that”-clauses like, for example, “It is true that the sky is blue”
  • The meanings of declarative sentences

Since propositions are considered a sharable object of attitudes and the main bearers of truth and falsity. The term proposition does not refer to specific thoughts or utterances that are not sharable across different instances, nor does it refer to concrete events or facts that cannot be false.

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