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Properties Of Magnetic Field Lines

Properties Of Magnetic Field Lines
Students should know the properties of magnetic field lines. Properties of magnetic field lines is an important topic which comes in exams. A magnetic field is a field created by a moving magnet or electric charge. A magnetic field is a region around a magnetic material or moving electric charge on which a magnetic force acts.

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A visual tool is used to visualize the direction and strength of a magnetic field. Magnetic field lines can be drawn using compass arrows. The compass arrow should be placed on a piece of paper near the magnet. Check the direction of the compass needle and note the direction. Move the compass needle to a different location and mark the direction. The connection of the dots shows the lines of force of the magnetic field.

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The direction of the magnetic field strikes the force line at any point in space. A small compass will point in the direction of the force. The electric field strength is proportional to the proximity of the lines. Exactly proportional to the number of lines per unit area perpendicular to the line. The lines of force in a magnetic field can never intersect. In other words, the magnetic field is unique at every point in space. The magnetic field lines are continuous and form a closed line. The latter characteristic is that the north and south poles cannot be separated. This is a distinct difference from force lines in electric fields that start and end on positive and negative charges. In the presence of a magnetic monopole, the lines of force in the magnetic field will begin and end. Students must have understood the properties of magnetic field lines.

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