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Project Design

Project design is the first step towards the start of a project idea. In this stage the idea, processes, resources, and deliverables are planned. After the planning process is complete, students can start the project. There are seven steps for a project design and passing through every stage is crucial for the successful completion of projects. 

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Managing a project is not easy for every student. They might feel overwhelmed researching the idea and bringing that on paper. Therefore, they should know about the steps of project design to complete their projects successfully. 

Project design focuses on the overview and does not give much attention to the specific details. The seven steps of creating a project design, includes defining goals and using visual aids to communicate ideas. The visual elements can be in the form of charts and graphs. Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and flowcharts are best to describe the visual aids of a project. 

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  • Define project goals

The first step is defining the project goals and objectives. Set goals and deliverables to understand what you expect to achieve.

  • Determine outcomes

Next step is determining the outcomes. Once you have started the project, understand what you are expecting at the end of the project. 

  • Identify risks and constraints

Risk identification is crucial to know what difficulties you might face when completing the project. 

  • Refine strategy

If there are difficulties on the way, try to refine your strategy.

  • Estimate budget

Determine a budget to complete the project.

  • Create a contingency plan

Keep a backup plan ready. 

  • Document milestones

Celebrate small successes and document your milestones. 

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