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Progress of Indian Education Sector after Independence

Illiteracy was one of the major concerns among Indians after independence. However, India has managed to get rid of this bane and has established itself at par with the global standards. There has been a massive development in the education industry after independence. Therefore, we can say that the progress of the Indian education sector after independence is commendable.

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Today, education is compulsory for everyone. However, equal education opportunities were not always available to every Indian. After independence, the government made various changes in the education system. For example, government officials established different education commissions to address educational challenges and recommend policies. All these changes led to the progress of the Indian education sector after independence.

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The effects of these changes were evident in the enrolment rate. As a result, the number of primary schools increased by more than 230 percent between 1951 and 1980. Moreover, there was a rise in the expenditure on education. In recent times, the government allocates education expenses equal to 4.13% of the GDP.

These modifications have changed the face of the Indian education system. The decrease in illiteracy rate and enhancement in enrolment rate are a few parameters to assess the changes. Moreover, the government made amendments to make Indian universities at par with globally recognized universities. Also, the Right to Education act made the general public understand the value of education. The act makes education free and compulsory for children aged 6 to 14 years. These changes show the progress of the Indian education sector after independence.

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