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Problem Solving

Problem solving is a generic method that helps to find solutions to problems. Many problems solving techniques are developed with artificial intelligence, mathematics, philosophy, and computer science. Well, the term problem solving includes ​cognitive skills in psychology and the computer in Computer Science calculations. Besides, several kinds of problems develop every day, and different approaches are also used for each. 

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Problem-solving is of two types: ill-defined and well-defined. In the well defined problems, the problem has specific goals and has expected solutions, whereas the ill-defined problems have no specific goals. The former demands extra planning than the latter.  

In a best statement, learning new information depends majorly on the prior knowledge and expertise over the subject or a topic. With prior experience, learners bring a set of assumptions and questions that can work as a cognitive framework  for learning new topics. 

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While considering the physiological, knowledge starts with problem finding and problem shaping and then a conclusion. In the cognitive sciences, problems occurred, and we need to ​research​ ​the issue and then reach the solving process by considering the steps. 

Hence, our experts have shown the principle of improving the problem, such as defining the problem-implement and evaluating-evaluating and selecting the solutions- generating new ideas. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology