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Problem Based Learning

Problem based learning is a student-centric approach where students develop their problem-solving skills by working in groups. The team activity encourages participation as all students need to solve a specific open-ended problem together. This problem is what drives the motivation and learning in students. 

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The need for problem based learning

A well-designed problem based learning provides the following opportunity to students:

  • Teamwork and the ability to manage a team
  • Managing projects and holding a position of responsibility and leadership
  • Oral and written communication
  • Self-awareness and evaluation of group processes
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Self-directed learning
  • Working in groups and individually
  • Explaining concepts
  • Applying theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Research to gain valuable information
  • Problem-solving across disciplines

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How to get started

  • Learn what you will gain from this teaching method. Teachers should also understand what knowledge and skill they will want to see in their students after course completion. 
  • Create a problem for students and ask them to solve that specific problem. It encourages critical thinking in students and helps them apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. 
  • Establish ground rules for students and ask them to follow the rules. It also encourages teamwork among students. 
  • Introduce students to group processes and help them understand the goal of problem based learning. Teachers can also encourage students to perform warm-up exercises.
  • Teachers should not divide the work among students. Instead, they must encourage students to divide up the work amongst themselves. 

Problem based technique of providing education is vital for students as it develops their critical and logical reasoning.

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