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Prior Knowledge

Prior knowledge is the information that the learner already has, before learning the new concept. The learner can quickly improve his educational skills and get the advantage of his previous knowledge. 

Assessing the prior knowledge of the student, helps the instructor to craft the plan of study according to the needs of the student. It facilitates the student to bridge the gap between the old knowledge and the new input.

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In other words, the importance of knowledge over the topics and your expertise can give better optimization and resolve all problems quickly with a fixed mindset. If the learner has correct knowledge, the new information can be quickly learned​, and the effect of the learning will be positive.  

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The few ways in which this type of knowledge can be gauged are concept maps, concept tests, performance-based knowledge assessments, and classroom assessment techniques (CATs).

However, there can be a conflict between ​prior knowledge and new updates. For example: If you do not know what prior knowledge is, and now after reading, you know what it means. Then your brain starts processing this information and connecting the dots.  With the help of the same, one can quickly understand the topic in-depth and also knows about the related topics.   

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology