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Principles of Scientific Management

Principles of Scientific Management

F.W. Taylor or Fredrick Winslow Taylor, who is often referred to as the ‘Father of scientific management’ has proven with his practical theories that a scientific method can indeed be implemented in management. He gave a lot of focus on the supervisory level of management as well as the performance of managers and workers at the level of operations. Here are the five principles of scientific management:

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  • Not the Rule of Thumb

This rule focuses on improving the efficiency of an organization by means of scientific analysis of work, not simply by the ‘Rule of Thumb’ method. Taylor believed that even a small activity such as loading paper sheets into boxcars can be planned scientifically which will save time and energy.

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  • Harmony, Not Discord

Taylor indicated and believed that the relationship between the management and the workers must be cordial and harmonious. The difference between the two will never be useful to either side.

  • Mental Revolution

This technique includes a shift in the attitude of the management as well as workers towards each other. Both parties should understand the value of each other as well as the work with full participation and cooperation. 

  • Cooperation, not Individualism

This principle is similar to ‘Harmony, not discord’ and believes that the mutual collaboration between workers and the management can lead to harmony. 

  • Development of Every Person to his Greatest Efficiency

The efficiency of a company also depends on the skills and abilities of its employees. Hence, implementing learning best practices and technology as well as training as is the scientific approach to brushing up the employee skill. 

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