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Primary Research

Primary research can be defined as a methodology that is used by researchers for the purpose of collecting data directly instead of depending on data collected from previously done research. Technically, the data is owned by them. Primary research is carried out solely for the purpose of addressing a certain problem that requires in-depth analysis.

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Businesses and organizations often conduct primary research themselves or employ a third party to conduct said research on their behalf. A major advantage of primary research is that this type of research is pinpointed, research is carried around only a specific issue or problem and all the focus is directed to obtaining related solutions.

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In this world that is driven by the rapid improvement in technology, meaningful data is more valuable than gold. Businesses and organizations require highly validated data to make informed decisions. This is the main reason why several companies are proactive in gathering their own data so that the authenticity of data can be maintained. Doing their own research also means that they get first-hand data without any alterations.

One of the most important advantages is that the data collected is first-hand and is accurate. There is no dilution of data. Primary research focuses mainly on the problem at hand, which means that the entire attention is directed to finding a probable solution to a particular subject matter. It allows researchers to go in-depth about a matter and study all foreseeable options. 

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