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Previous Years Question Papers

Different students make use of a wide variety of methods to make themselves more productive while studying. However, one of the most effective and time-saving ways to go about it is by making use of previous years question papers. However, it raises the question of why they are so effective. The answer is quite simple – a restricted syllabus. 

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There is only so much you can ask from a pre-defined syllabus, out of which some concepts are so important that they are fundamental to the subject’s core reason to be taught. Excluding such concepts from the question paper would be completely detrimental to the student in the long run and hence they will not do so. This makes it easier for the students to prepare for the exam because they know that certain questions are more important than others and hence studying those questions will help them secure that much with absolute certainty. Previous years question papers will help the students see which those recurring questions are and make a guess as to how many of them might make their way into the exam they are preparing for.

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Another thing that previous years question papers can help students with is the exam pattern. If the students have access to them prior to the exam, they will get a rough idea about how many questions among those inevitably important ones have recurred in the past and how likely it is to be repeated this year. They can also get an idea about roughly how many questions there will be in total, how much time they will take to complete them, and whether or not the exam itself, in general, is difficult overall or not. 

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