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Prerequisite Course

A prerequisite course is a course that one has to complete before enrolling and registering for another particular course or program. These courses are designed to check the potential and necessary skills to complete the enrolled course. 

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The prerequisite course can be designed to check the skills of the candidates who have applied. Sometimes it also helps individuals identify and realize whether they are suitable for the particular certificate program.

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A student that has a fixed mindset to obtain the certificate course will continue to proceed with the course designed. Many education institutes design the prerequisite course for improving the knowledge skills of the learners. It will help them for continuous improvements in their skills. 

The prerequisite course creates a discipline and sincerity among students towards the course they wish to do ahead. 

In case of transfer or shifting on e-learning platforms or in different institutes, the new teacher might not have the performance card of the new students. Often the institutes do not consider the grading points of other institutes. In these cases, they organize their own learning tests and courses to test the ability of the learner. The level of prerequisite courses can also vary in accordance with the past academic achievement of the student. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology