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Preparation is the term that is involved in the exam preparation. It involves the use of various methodologies. Preparation could be at various levels, such as reading, writing, comprehension, revision. 

The quizzes, project-based learning, practical learning, study material, online lectures, revision classes, etc are means of exam preparation. It is a crucial step to get ready for the main tests or exams. 

An effective preparation strategy is required to be built in advance for obtaining the best results in exams. The execution of the strategy prepares a student to qualify for the respective course. This helps in soft skills and capacity development. 

Such practices can be used for problem-solving. They may also include logical and mathematical reasoning for the professional development of the student. 

With remote learning becoming the new trend, live video conferencing apps have increased group studying and preparing at home. This is based on a time-restricted access per session.

In this way, it helps in knowledge management and information processing. The growth of independent study programs has also involved creativity to a considerable extent. This is helping in introducing creativity in the methods. 

In today’s world, a true tutor provides holistic learning to the students and helps them in preparing for exams and tests. The lessons not only give them theoretical knowledge but also aids in the character development of the kids.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology