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Prefect Meaning In Hindi

Prefect Meaning In Hindi

A prefect can also be known as a class monitor. A lot of people ask for prefect meaning in Hindi. Prefect meaning in Hindi is also pradhan and it can be spelled as ‘प्रधान’. The reason why prefect is known as pradhan in Hindi is because a pradhan is genereally considered as the head or representative of a group, so is the prefect or the monitor.

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The duties and responsibilities of a prefect are never ending. A class prefect takes care of a million of things like collecting notebooks of classmates, forwarding messages of the teacher amongst all the students, ensuring classroom discipline, etc. Almost everyone in their childhood days aim to become a class prefect or class monitor, but only a few students get that chance. Here are a few qualities that can help all the students to stay ahead in the game of becoming a class monitor.

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1- The class representative, class monitor, or class prefect is the representative of the class and they are expected to be a responsible person. Hence, the first quality of a good class prefect is being responsible.

2- They should be honest, hardworking, and multi tasking.

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