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Precis Writing

Precis writing is simply the process of writing a precis, but what is a precis? A precis can be described as a miniature version of a passage that retains all the essential points of the same, including the tone and mood of the original passage. The precis must be devoid of any interpretations or comments about the passage from the side of the writer – it should retain the original writer’s opinion or voice in the matter and should not deviate from its original intent. 

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This type of writing requires special skill and a lot of effort goes into formulating it in that format. Traditionally in the Indian English curriculum, precis writing appears in English exams, where the student is expected to write a precis about a comprehension passage provided in the question paper.

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Most precis writing questions demand one that is exactly 60 words long. The most effective way of writing such a one is by using a grid. Create a grid 4×15 grid and fill out that grid with the exact number of words required. It tests a student’s writing skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. 

Precis writing is an acquired skill and requires a lot of practice to get right. Some students find it difficult while some others find it interesting. 

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