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Pre Service Teacher Education

Read the evaluation methodologies and outcomes. Also, read everything about the hybrid learning.

The pre service teacher education program is divided into two categories, namely

Pre service teacher education is a program that prepares freshers for the teaching profession. This program aids crucial learning and helps future teachers create a holistic learning environment for students. It provides skills, knowledge, and attitude to conduct classes efficiently. The program is best suited for freshers who want to pursue a career in the education industry.  Pre service teacher meaning is student pursuing teaching as their career. 

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The objectives of the pre service teacher education program are:

To help student teachers become competent and committed full-time teachers.

To promote teachers as agents of modernization in the education system.

To sensitize teachers towards the protection of human rights.

To develop organizational and managerial skills.

To develop the required skills, one needs to become an efficient teacher.

Read the evaluation methodologies and outcomes. Also, read everything about hybrid learning.

The pre service teacher education program is divided into two categories, namely:

Elementary Level Teacher Education program

Secondary Level Teacher Education program

Elementary-level programs award future teachers with diplomas. The upcoming teachers may complete the following diploma to teach the students in the elementary standards.

Nursery Teachers’ Training (NTT)

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Diploma in Elementary Teaching Training (DETT)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B El Ed)

NTT and ECCE are two-year programs that prepare a student teacher to take on the education responsibilities at the pre-primary level. In contrast, B El Ed is a four-year degree program that helps student teachers impart knowledge and skills to elementary standards. Teacher education is an ongoing process. The pre-service and in-service teacher education are complementary to each other. Future educators must undergo the required training to establish their careers in the education industry.

Importance of pre service teacher education

Pre service teacher meaning is a student aspiring to become a teacher in the future. The education program provides skills, and knowledge that are necessary to become a teacher. The importance of pre-service teacher education is discussed in detail below: 

  • Professional training Pre-service teacher education provides a detailed understanding of how to become a teacher. It inculcates the acquired skills, knowledge, and expertise in the students which are very helpful to them in their professional careers. 
  • Professional Code of Conduct This education program helps the students to learn professional ethics and values. By vigorous training, students develop a sense of responsibility and informed decision-making skills. 
  • Classroom expertise The training program comes up with exciting exercises like teaching practicums, internships, and student teaching placements. These experiences allow aspiring teachers to gain exposure in real classroom settings under good educators. With the help of pre-service teacher education, the teachers learn how to teach in a dynamic classroom, manage students’ behavior, maintenance of class decorum, and many more skills. 

The above-mentioned information gives a detailed understanding of pre service teacher meaning and their education program. Know more about LMS and how it can help in seamless school operations management.

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