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Practical Exam

Practical Exam
Practical exams are also known as Performance exams. As the name states, the exams test the candidates on the basis of their performance and ability to apply the theoretical knowledge to the actual practical state. The practical exams are usually conducted in schools, colleges, or universities during the final term. Generally, an outside examiner is invited to the institution in order to mark the students without any bias or on a fair basis.

The school teachers of the students are also present in the space where the performance exams are conducted, to boost the confidence of the students. The practical examiners ask the students to perform an experiment within the exam space and evaluate the students on the same basis.

For instance- if a student is appearing for Chemistry’s performance exam, they will have to perform a chemical experiment and present its successful results to score good marks in the exam. Similarly, if a candidate is appearing for Fine Arts practical exam, they will be asked to draw something and then the students will be evaluated on that basis. In short, the nature of the exam differs from subject to subject but the process remains the same.

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