PQRST Method

A method used to focus on information while studying from books uncritically is the PQRST method. The PQRST method prioritizes this information in such a way that it relates directly to how they will be asked to use that information in an examination. It is an abbreviation for Preview, Question, Read, Summary, Test.

  • Preview – The student first takes a look at the topic to be learned by skimming over the major headings or the points within the syllabus.
  • Question – The student then formulates questions to be answered after which a thorough examination of the topics or topics is done.
  • Read – The student in this stage reads through the material provided, focusing on the information that relates best to the questions that were formulated earlier.
  • Summary – The student summarizes the topic, bringing in their own understanding of the process. This can include spider diagrams, flow diagrams, written notes, labeled diagrams, voice recordings, or mnemonics.
  • Test – The student then proceeds to answer the questions drafted before, avoiding adding any questions that have the potential distract or change the subject.

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