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PPT On Cyber Security

PPT On Cyber Security

Cyber security is a must-have asset in today’s day and age. No one is safe from malicious attacks by vested interests anymore. Everything is connected to everything else, increasingly so because of smart applications such as refrigerators, TVs and even washing machines being controlled by our computers and smartphones. In such a situation, cyber security becomes a very serious problem for all of us.

Educating people on the importance of cyber security is paramount. There are several ways to do so. There can be classes conducted in schools, colleges and offices about its importance. A PPT on cyber security can be used to illustrate it visually. The same PPT on cyber security can be provided to the audience as a take-home pamphlet as a means of them getting the word out.

Another way would be to create videos and documentaries about how the lack of cyber security can have disastrous consequences. It would bring to focus the urgency of the situation and how it is of utmost importance today.

The role of cyber security is much more than what you might expect it to be. It protects your devices from a wide variety of threats. The most common threats are viruses, trojans and worms, but they do not end there. Cyber security also protects you from malware such as ransomware, spyware, remote access trojans, etc. They can detect any backdoors that can provide any remote access to hackers. It can also detect and alert you if any kind of malicious codes are present in any online forms (formjacking) or if someone is using your device to illegally mine cryptocurrency (cryptojacking).

A single video, class or PPT on cyber security is not sufficient to raise awareness. Take up the battle yourself – everyone is a foot soldier here.

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