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Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro  Technique
Time management is crucial for all students, Pomodoro technique is a technique in which students learn how to manage time. This encourages students to complete their work with the time they have. Students learn better when they divide their work into small parts with a gap of five minutes between the tasks, the gap is known as Pomodoro. As we know disruptions are very bad at the time of studying, Pomodoro technique helps students to resist self interruptions and also helps the brain to focus on learning the concepts. It is a fact that students who study for long durations without taking rest even for a few minutes are bad at concentrating while studying, and their power of studying decreases.

When students take small breaks they get time to reset their brain, it will help students to bring back their attention to what they are working on. Students should not misunderstand taking breaks with studying less and taking more breaks, breaks should not exceed more than fifteen minutes. During the break students do not have to think about studies or take stress, it is the time to refresh or get time to get back to attention.

Concentration is one of the most important factors while studying, it will help students to improve their academic performance a lot. Not only Pomodoro technique helps to learn more, but it also helps students to enhance their quality of learning. Students can even set alarms at the time of studying for better results, time management is very important for all students, every successful person in the world knows how to manage time. Students can do things like a short walk, breathing exercises, making snacks, and more during the five minutes resting time.

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